Our Work

Antibody development for targeting drug-resistant microbes

The mAbplatform group (MAPG) aims to leverage its antibody engineering technology to address key challenges in AMR by developing novel antibody-based approaches to target drug-resistant microbes.

In this context, the MAPG will establish a comprehensive antibody development platform that will include (i) production of high quality mabs, (ii) functional characterization of mabs, both at the level of target engagement, as well as its Fc-related effector functions, and (iii) analytical characterization to enhance ‘developability’ of mAbs in the context of clinical use. Based on mAbs developed under the Zika Program, we will focus our efforts on leveraging this platform for rapid development and testing of mAbs against anti-microbial targets both in the context of conventional antibody formats as well as novel formats with enhanced target binding functionality such as Bi specific mAbs, Dual Variable Domain Immunoglobulins (DVD-Ig) or with modified Fc effector functions for enhanced half-life in circulation or enhanced opsonophagocytic activity. In parallel, MAPG is exploring novel strategies for establishing stable antibody producing cells lines for rapid translation and drug development.