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Program Director

Dr Megan McBee

PhD., Scientific Director

Originally from the mountains outside of Seattle, Washington, she received her S.B in Chemical Engineering in 2002 from Massachusetts Institute of Technology followed by a Ph.D. in Molecular and Systems Bacterial Pathogenesis from the Department of Biological Engineering in 2007. During her research career, primarily at MIT and SMART, she worked on a diverse array of projects from mucosal immunology to bacterial persistence and translational control. Her research projects utilized several in vitro culture as well as animal models with the ultimate goal of identifying disease- or pathogen-specific cellular or molecular markers of inflammation and bacterial persistence. Most recently, as the first employee and Associate Director at Tychan Pte Ltd, a local Singapore biotechnology company focused on rapid development of antibody therapeutics to emerging infectious diseases, she saw two monoclonal antibodies through all aspects of preclinical development and manufacturing to IND filing for first-in-human safety trials in Singapore within 3 years.

Research & Translational Interests

Infectious Disease and Immunity

Therapeutics and Vaccines

New Ventures

Regulatory Affairs

Preclinical Product Development

AMR IRG projects include making an impact in global health, particularly related to infectious diseases, has been the driving motivation in Dr. McBee’s career and research over the past 15+ years. As such, her primary aim as AMR Scientific Director is to promote and facilitate the research into translational and entrepreneurial projects and ultimately start-ups.

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