Who We Are


Principal Investigator (MIT)

Ram Sasisekharan

PhD Biological Engineering

Alfred H. Caspary Professor of Biological Engineering and Health Sciences & Technology

Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research

Skolkovo-MIT Biomedical Engineering Center

Professor Sasisekharan has been a professor of Biological Engineering at MIT since 1996 and served as the Director of the Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences & Technology from 2008-12. Sasisekharan received his B.S. in Physical Sciences from Bangalore University, his M.S. in Biophysics from Harvard University, and his Ph.D. in Medical Sciences from Harvard Medical School. The Sasisekharan Laboratory employs a multidisciplinary strategy to develop tools to study glycans and proteins with an ultimate goal towards the development of novel pharmacological approaches to alleviate glycan-mediated disease processes.



mAb Platform Design

Infectious Disease


Human Pathophysiology and Therapeutics

AMR IRG projects encompass engineered antibody-based approaches to target drug-resistant microbes as part of the mAbplatform group (MAPG).

Projects I Contribute To

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