Who We Are


Dr. Boon Chong Goh

PhD, Research Scientist

Dr Goh Boon Chong received his PhD in Physics from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA. His doctoral research focused on the molecular mechanisms of host-pathogen interactions and the structural studies of viruses. He was awarded the SMART Scholars Programme for Postdoctoral Research and joined Peter Dedon’s laboratory in 2016. Dr Goh now leads a multidisciplinary project between the Dedon lab, Julien Lescar’s lab at NTU Institute of Structural Biology, and Liu Chuan Fa’s lab at NTU School of Biological Sciences to develop novel antibiotic adjuvants that reverse antibiotic resistance.

Dr Goh is also developing a phage lysin engineering platform to provide a viable therapeutic alternative to treat multidrug-resistance bacterial infections.  

Research Interests

Fragment-based drug discovery

Structural Biology

Protein engineering

Molecular modeling and simulations