Who We Are


Dr. Boon Chong Goh

PhD, Research Scientist

Dr. Goh Boon Chong received his PhD in Physics from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA. He was awarded the SMART Scholars Programme for Postdoctoral Research and joined Peter Dedon’s laboratory in 2016. He leads a multidisciplinary drug discovery program to identify new drugs that negate the resistance mechanism in multidrug-resistant bacteria including Mycobacterium abscessus.


Since year 2019, Dr. Goh has independently developed a phage lysin engineering platform technology that offers a viable therapeutic alternative to treat bacterial infections. Funded by multiple external grants from NRF and NHIC, the lysin engineering platform has generated novel lysins targeting skin and lung infections.

Research Interests

Protein engineering

Structural Biology

Molecular modeling and simulations

Drug discovery