Who We Are


Dr. Federica Armas

Federica received her Ph.D. in Biomedical Science and Technologies, in Italy, in 2017 and now she is a Senior Postdoctoral Associate in the Alm group. 

She is passionate about the damned and blessed tiny beings,also called bacteria. The ones that can cause infection and the "good ones" that keep our bodies healthy. She is particularly interested in infectious diseases, those that can spread from animals to humans, and their importance in public health. Her field of expertise ranges from mycobacteria toprobiotics. She has always focused on a single, one person, one animal, but now, she is moving her attention to a population level, looking at a neighborhood or entire cities. She is excited to work with Eric Alm and his group to lookinto new wastewater population biomarkers to study public health in cities. These biomarkers will help predict an infectious disease outbreak to act promptly and maintain our population’s health. The Alm group is developing technologies for SARS-CoV-2 virus variance detection and quantification in wastewater, as well as for other viruses that are still a burden for the population, such as Dengue and Zika viruses.

Federica is fascinated by the idea of answering the question,"is the population healthy?" 

To answer, the group is working, every day, with passion, to find new perspectives to draw important information for disease control using wastewater.

Projects I contribute to:

Microbiome Wastewater-based surveillance for rapid outbreak detection and intervention, 

Nanoparticle development to improve drug delivery for infection treatments